For as long as I can remember I have had an anonymous blog site up.

I found it therapeutic to have a platform to vent out all my #honest thoughts, and have #feedback from people who had no preconceived biases about who I was.

As of late, I realized I want to be able to take my passions to another level, and hopefully work in an industry which allows me to hone my natural interests.

To do this, I decided to put some of my work up here, and not hide behind an unknown alias.

This “Closed Journal” Section of my site will be raw, honest and completely random. I am not going to having an organized plan  for this part of my page. Many a times I write when I am on some kind of emotional high.

I think it is really #important that we all be #real with each other, something the societies we live in prevent us from doing. I am inspired by those who embrace their imperfections, something we all have, and something that makes us beautiful in our own way.

I hope you know you aren’t alone, in anything you feel,


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