Italy for a day…or three!

Ever too often, I pass by this quaint looking Italian restaurant, and every time I do I promise myself I will drop by and satisfy my curiosity. Today was the day guys! I had heard one too many good reviews about this place and I already knew what I wanted off the menu.

As expected, everything was tasty and I especially liked the ambiance of the restaurant- but my company was the best.

Unfortunately my dear friend and I were on such a rushed lunch break, we only had enough time to grab a quick salad.

This butter lettuce, walnuts and gorgonzola #ensemble was the perfect fix for our bellies and tastebuds. It wasn’t too heavy either, despite all that glorious cheese, so we easily dashed for the bus after!

Eat up,

So I ended up coming back here again…

I am definayely a girl of familiarity and comfort. When I like something, I really do and want to stick it out for as long as I can- until I have had it all, and am forced to move along. 😐

So this here, is a Clam penne dish cooked in pink/rose sauce, which is my favourite. You get the best of both worlds!

The creaminess of the white, and the flavours of the red. 👌🏼

Seafood is home to me, in Bangkok that is all we eat and I am so glad its a similar culture here in Vancouver.

Needless to say, that was chowed down in 8 minutes, I actually timed myself. To be fair, I hadn’t had breakfast and was ravenous. 🙊

Third time’s a charm huh?  Once again, I dropped by here for lunch. I mean resisting temptations can only go so far when you work two minutes away…
What I adore about this place is that they are constantly changing their menus, so I get to pick a new favorite dish to review each time.

So lets get down to business…

I got the fusilli pasta in a white #wine and tomato sauce with tuna, olives and pickles. Every bite was delicious, and even though it seemed like a smaller portion, I was nicely #stuffed after. 🍝
My friend got the #rigatoni pasta with minced beef in tomato sauce, nicely sprinkled with #cheese. He wanted a second serving, but being broke takes its toll on everyone.


Seriously guys, give this place a go!

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  1. Jake says:

    Literally best place in Van for Italian

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