Reads and Writes 

I can not believe it is already Thursday! This week flew by fast as ever. Awyeah😚.
Last night I decided it is about time I start looking at applying for Grad School soon. No more procrastination…

I started looking at my GRE cue cards, and clearly they ended up just being props to my picture/life. 😳

I ended up writing in this journal of mine-something I find incredibly therapeutic- and which has all my life secrets in it, and which I hide very well. The thrill doubles when you know no ones ever going to read it. 😉

Speaking of therapy, reading counts too! I wish I could have had a picture of my current reread: Of Mice and Men, but I am reading it online. Such good literature though. 🙌

This novel on Greek Mythology (that I am also constantly reading on the side)is also a really interesting read, I find the stories about their Gods so interesting because of the way they are written about in such a relatable way- with emotions and feelings, which is something God(s) aren’t typically portrayed as.

Oh and big shoutout to AntSquare for featuring me!❤️ This loving keeps me blogging! Check the app out, it allows for a tighter community of buying and selling.

Tata for now,

Oh and here is a close-up of the picture of mine that AntSquare used- in case you were curious-Check out where it was spotted on my Instagram page: @theopenjournal. 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.13.20 AM.png



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