Sometimes I completely forget how beautiful Vancouver actually is. VanBeauty seems like a more appropriate identifier for this city. Just the mere skies are colored the freshest blue, the clouds fluffy and clear, and the air cleaner than anything I have ever breathed.☁️

Main Street has some really cool and futuristic looking buildings everywhere, not to mention the great deal of delicious restaurants and cafes- which all seem to be really unique around here with lots of options and themes for everyone… Vegan cardamom Ice Cream anyone? (You can get that at Earnest Ice-cream by the way!)

Have a good day lovely people, its FRIYAY!

I was taking pictures of the sky, and then out of no where a surge of birds appeared, just at the very moment the sun started to set…It felt magical. ❤ I can not believe I managed to capture a shot of this!


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  1. jennicocoa says:

    This is gorgeous, i love it. Keep up your awesome work!


    1. Aww thanks so much:) that means a lot!

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