ATTN: This Cargo Jacket❤️

Full focus on this Cargo Jacket today.👀 Any guesses as to where I got this from? The one and only HnM of course.

Students and Teachers, a majority of the merchandise is 15% off for all of you- so make sure you grab some steals asap!

The Imitation leather sleeves on this baby gives this comfy cotton jacket some edge- and which is what basically got my attention in the first place.

Sometimes longer jackets like tend to be a bit bulky and make you look less shapely, however the drawstrings right at the waist allows for tightening and accentuates your figure.💁

Before I bid audieu, I realize the pictures I posted are in black and white and I apologize for that, but the lighting outside was just not giving this jacket its due. Hence, Ill post a picture of the exact colour I got right here for you, ill help you make a quicker decision on weather this is for you or nah! It’s a nice greenish brown.


Signing off for now! Hope these retail thoughts start off your Monday morning right!









2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenna says:

    Oh my! I just bought this a few days ago! Perfect wear for all occasions 🙂


  2. Charlotte says:

    How much did you get this for again?


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