Coffee Cravings 

My title to this post is misleading, because this is actually a Chai Tea Latte. I have just been so good with all my alliterated titles lately- I just couldn’t get myself to break the streak.

So my girlfriend and I stopped here a couple weeks ago, and I am having major cravings for it again right now. Here being 49th and Parallel by the way. It is a really classic looking coffee stop, super cosy! Worth a check out.

The peanut butter and jelly donut was truly the tastiest donut I have ever had. It caught my eye initially with it’s purple colour- I used to love the Simpsons, and their purple looking donuts would always tempt me. Theres a weird fact about me for you today!

And as good as the Tea was aswell, I probably should not have gotten them both at the same time because I had a major sugar rush after- and well it was embarassing to say the least. I could not sit still! It really took me back to my yonger days of me overdoing candy when the folks weren’t around…

Oh this is what my friend got, the London Fog Latte- apprently it was really good too!

Would love to hear your reviews of other yummy bites and sips here!


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