Nailtastic times

I feel really clean and put together when I get a mani-pedi. I think it is something worth investing in getting done once a month. Not only do your nails look really nicely coloured and shaped, but your cuticles, fingers and toes get a nice scrub!

I had this session with my sister, at this nail salon called Nailtastic. I really adore this place, the staff are super friendly, service is great and it is reasonably priced. I went for an OPI Gel- Let Your Love Shine Red, and asked for a circular filing for my nails. What do you guys think? How does it look? 🙂

I have had these on for three weeks now, and they are just starting to grow out- and about time I get a replacement!

I know I posted a little excessively today-I am starting to feel a little sick, so I am just sitting in bed until I recover. Super jealous of all you people outdoors right now:(. Okay, I promise I’ll give you guys a break now, can be a bit of a chatterbox sometimes.

Tomorrow? 🙂



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