Pillow Thoughts

I am not usually one to post famous quotes, and not because I undermine the knowledge many of them consist of- but because I believe that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion of what they consider knowledgable to them, and I do not want to undermine that.

Let me elaborate, in less vague and more coherent terms. I tend to say the same thing in different ways, please bear with me, I am still trying to develop my writing style here. Trying to be a little too artsy you think?

Coming back to where I was, I basically do not consider myself ready enough, as a person, to know what values I actually believe in and it feels a little disingenuous to me to preach things I may change my mind about in a few weeks. Which has happened multiple times, and keeps happening. And maybe that is the whole point? Maybe you never actually find out what you truly believe in, or who you really are. Perhaps the constant changing means we aren’t ever really just one person for our whole lives…That’s a thought for another day.

The reason I really like this quote, “You are entirely up to you”, is because it ties into everything I just said, which is everything I am always feeling. I find myself falling into the pressures of needing to portray the right message like just now for example, or being a certain type of person people would consider a good one.  Who really cares about what we are “supposed to be like”, or what is “expected”. I am aware that this is everyone’s utopia, and it is much easier said than done. As much as this would be great ideally, no one wants to take the risks of being the “rebel” or “different” one in our communities- and I can only hope one day, these differences are appreciated for they make us all unique and that is absolutely beautiful.

I need to sleep, its 4 am. Leaving you with good thoughts, and these pretty flowers. White flowers, the fairest of them all. Pun intended.




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  1. I love this quote … I agree with you 100%
    Being different or unique is not easily accepted … Instead of blending in
    JUST BE YOU . I follow that myself …

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  2. 🙂 i am so happy to hear that!


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