Railtown Adventures 

I always thought my mother was being a typical Indian mother, insisting to me that I learn how to cook properly so that a “suitable” husband approaches me on day. Obviously, I thought that was ridiculous- and refused. If I do get married one day, my husband is going to be the chef of our love story. Welcome to the 21st century! I love it.

Point is though, because I make food that is not at all appetizing and since I only get one hour of a break at work- which I want to enjoy, I end up eating out a lot. Lucky for me, my office is right next this catering company called Railtown.

I basically eat here everyday, and honestly all the food is healthy, delicious and of good portion size.

Here is a collection of my favourite treats so far:

-The granola and jam parfait, for breakfast. Sprinkled nicely with some anti-oxidizing berries.

-My every morning ritual, an expresso coffee and honey. I need to stay awake and active, I realize that gets harder as you get older. Turning 23 in a few months is scaring me.

-This cream cheese bagel toasted is my favourite thing in the world. Nothing but carbs and fat here! What are calories?

-I had this cucumber and celery freshly squeezed juice on a cleanse day, it was surprisingly delicious for something so fresh and unsweetened!

Last but definitely not any least, is this sandwich. Read my caption, slowly and again and again. I guarantee you, that combination of ingredients together taste yummier than it sounds. Thank you for featuring me Gastropost!

Feeling hungry?:)

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