More Pink!

I woke up at 4 pm today…😱My body clock gets completely messed up on the #weekends, and now I will not be able to sleep the whole night- which means I will be a zombie at work tomorrow. 👹

In my defence, I did sleep at around 5 am last night. My friends, boyfriend and I went to finally watch a late night show of the #Revenant at Scotia Bank theatre. The infamous movie that finally got #Leo his deserving #Oscar. If you have not seen it yet, it is a must. Excellent #acting, script, sound and picture quality. I had already read up on the actual story of Hugh Glass though, I wish I hadn’t but I was too curious.

The #movie was longer than most Hollywood movies, but because I am a Bollywood buff- those 2 and a half felt like second nature to me. No complaints whats so ever.

Anyway- I am no movie critic! I hope you like my Sunday outfit of the day. Felt like being super comfortable but still stylish. These bright pants gave my outfit just the right splash of colour, so I could feel both comfy and cute at the same time!😊

Boots: Broadway Shoe Salon
Sweater: H&M
Pants: Zara

This is another way I wore my pink pants a while ago, to balance the loud colour of my pants, I kept my top half neutral coloured with grey shades. When I first arrived to Canada, I was completely enthralled by these infinity scarves. Because Bangkok’s coldest temperature drops down to only 20 degrees Celsius maximum, I hadn’t had much exposure to winter accessories and apparel- I was so excited when I got this from Aldo four years ago, and still wear it today! Timeless piece in my opinion.

Lets hope I fall asleep at least an hour before work guys!

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