Comfort Food is Good Food

Whenever it’s a not so great day, I always make sure I turn it around by eating happy feeling food. Burgoo is one of my favourite places I turn to for this.

The food here literally makes you feel warm inside. Portions are not only perfect sized, but the taste of every bite of everything makes you want to cry of satisfaction.

I always get the same couple of dishes here, I like them so much that I do not want to try anything else…However, all my friends rave about all the other things on the menu as well, so next time I will force myself to try something else.

I had come here on a rainy Monday with one of my best girls, and this was our spread:

She got a creamy tomato soup with a side of buttered bread. While I got the After School Special which comes with a soup/salad and a sandwich. My combo included some Cheese Grillers and Crab Bisque.

Definitely recommended to all of you,


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  1. Ellen says:

    Feed me meow!

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  2. Ellen says:

    I second that thought, burgoo is the best

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