Feeling Amorous?

Before starting today’s post, I need to take a moment here to say my heart and prayers goes out to all those in Brussels today. Words don’t help much, but I want them to know they have all of our love and support.
Now, I am no Kylie Jenner, the throned Queen of lip makeup, but trust me when I say- you are all going to love this lipstick.
This lovely soft shade of pink is called the MAC Amorous. I really liked this shade because I feel as though it isn’t too loud and bright, nor not too nude and subtle. Sometimes I am in too much of a rush to work on my eyeliner, so I keep my eyes bare and to balance that out- I use this lipstick to add just the right amount of color to my face. I have posted some pictures here on how it looks on my lips, as well as pictures of the lipsticks from their website(http://www.maccosmetics.ca/) for you to see- hopefully this will save you some time:

There are 195 shades, so if you want a similar shade but perhaps slightly darker/lighter to work with your skin better-I am sure they have it!

These lipsticks have a creamy texture and are long lasting with little need for constant replication, so it’s worth dishing out the $21. You use so little of the product at a time that you don’t need to buy another one for a really long time.

I also stopped by this little #boutique the other day called Country Beads, and found this beautiful heart pendant. It’s an awesome place to mix and match different parts of #jewelry to customize and make something perfect for yourself. If you want to channel your creative juices, here is the place to go!

What is your favorite MAC lipstick?
Tasha ❤


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  1. Yuri says:

    I actually went and bought this shade after reading this haha thanks tasha!!! I have been looking for a shade like this f and we look like we have the same skin color.

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