Spring Cleaning


So I finally decided to end my toxic relationship with procrastination, and started to clean my room. No, I’m not some kind of pig living in a stye- what I mean by cleaning is more in the sense of getting rid of all the many  unnecessary things I hoard around for months.

Every time I go through these decluttering periods, I always end up stumbling upon some kind of forgotten treasures. These were my 3 favourite among them all:

This silver necklace was a gift from my grandmother during the time we all went to Cambodia for a family trip a few summers ago. I absolutely adore the detailing on the leaves, and the chunky traditional look that it has- very commonly seen on the necks of the local women there. You like? Right after I found this beauty, I called my grandmother. It had been a while, and this blast from the past made me miss her. It is so important to appreciate the ones you love.

This bag is my new favourite because it’s the perfect size and perfect style. Work and casual wear appropriate, so less time needed for transferring things from one bag to another on rushed weekday mornings. I got it from my favourite store, you got it- H&M.
You could call this vintage H&M though, because it’s from five years ago. I had got it from New York, the city I have been dreaming about moving to one day, ever since I was little- during my christmas break. I remember my cousin and I would shop so much while we were there everyday, I was so tight for money months and months after the trip. Well money spent well evidently…hehe.

PC: www.sonderdays.com

Last but not any least, is this skirt and blouse I bought from this mall in  Bangkok called Platinum. I spent a mere $30 on the whole thing! Though it isn’t from a fancy brand, the material is silk and looks, as well as feels amazing. My hometown is most definately any shoppers paradise- and I am not just being biased. What say guys, not bad huh?

Goodnight, give spring cleaning a shot, I can guarantee you will find something forgotten and deserving of love.


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  1. Paris says:

    You make me want to travel to all this exotic places… 🙂

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