Vanity in Vancity…

I was eating dinner in bright sunlight yesterday.
Threw me off in the best way possible.
The sun set at 7:4opm, and it did so gloriously- turning the sky orange then pink before finally disappearing.
You all know what that means? More lighting for better selfies!
I am just kidding, maybe?
In all seriousness, I went to Kits beach to bask in the sunlight and get some Vitamin D, such a refreshing feeling after being deprived of it for months! If you are planning on making a visit- something I strongly recommend, make sure to bring a jacket.
(It’s not quite summer yet so expect a few chills here and there).

Going back to the selfie topic for a moment, I would just like to say that in today’s Social Media active world, many of us find it hard to keep up with the pressures that come along with its fun.
I too am guilty of finding myself constantly comparing myself to other people, and feeling slightly envious the amazing things everyone always seems to be up to in all their pictures.
Sometimes it is important to be reminded that your uniqueness is what makes you who you are. And I know you have all heard this before, and before you roll your eyes and leave this page- actually try and understand that, trust me it is something I am struggling with as well but want to keep working on.
I really look up to people who are unafraid of being whomever they are. Those are my role models, people who do not have a problem doing the things that come naturally to them, without worrying about the labels that come alongside.
Surround yourself with people/books/movies and all other things that allow you to accept and love the core of your personality. Remember that is the only thing that lasts, everything else is skin deep.

You are amazing, just the way you are,
(Credit: Bruno Mars)