Maintain That Mane!


So this post is a follow up to all the lovely feedback you guys gave me from my previous post, thank you 🙂 – This is how I like having my wavy-curls, somewhat natural and free looking.
I get asked if I dye my hair a lot, but somewhat unusual for an Indian girl, this is actually my natural hair colour.
I remember crying to my mother when I was a kid about why I was the only person with this hair colour around all my other friends and sister, I just wanted to fit in!
And then I watched the Little Mermaid, and Ariel became my hero.
It is really important to ensure that you nourish your hair to keep it healthy and allowing it to look it’s absolute best.
Below, I have listed some of my favourite products I use to care for these locks.
And yes, I did end up jumping on the floral dress bandwagon- Got this strapless dress from Express.

Kiehls: Magic Elixir with hair restructuring concentrate and rosemary leaf and avocado oils. This is basically nourishing food for your hair. Let this sit in this for a few hours before shampooing for best results.
Loreal Keratin Smooth: This frizz eraser is to be used after washing your hair. It not only allows your hair to look smooth and silky but the added keratin makes your hair stronger too.
Dove Dry Shampoo: What I adore about this product is that it allows the grease from your hair to vanish in no time, as well as adds volume to it and a beautiful scent!