Appetite for Asian?

This weekend I explored a variety of places for my favorite type of cuisine, Asian cuisine, and here are my two favorites:

1. Delicious Pho- Robson Street

My boyfriend insisted we try this place out based on the last time he had it, he knows his food so I budged and now I can not wait to go back there again.
I got the large seafood rice noodle pho which which consisted of fish balls, crab meat and shrimps. On the side, we were provided with mint leaves, lemon, bean sprouts and some chili sauce to add for additional taste- so play around with your culinary skills there!
The great thing about eating noodles in a soup- like this dish, is that they tend to be low calorie meals and are super healthy. You feel satisfied with your meal after, but not too bloated!
Plus point for all those on a budget, this meal costed me $10, so this is perfect!


2. The Eatery- West Broadway

I came here with my girlfriend and we opted to sit at the patio and boy, was that a good decision.
All that sushi in the sunlight left us smiling for hours.
Ok I’ll stop with my alliterations and get into the specifics now….
Lucky for us we have similar #taste preferences so we decided to share the tofu katsu don buri and the Berkeley sushi. Trust me, give it a try. Delicious and filling indeed.
The Eatery has an extensive and unique menu, with a super cool underwater themed ambiance.
I also LOVE the music by the DJ there, if you like Deep house music, you will love it too.


Tell me what you think after you give them a try!