Eager For Edge

My fashion inspirations tend to come from women who have more bold outfit preferences. I adore contrasting delicate pieces with edgier ones. Rihanna is the queen at doing this in my opinion. I  love how she mixes and matches different clothing and accessories to produce statement looks- that no one would ever guess could look that good together. Her attitude and confidence definitely  has a lot to do with how great she looks as well. I shall stop drooling over her now.

This is my attempt at recreating and bringing together these diverging vibes. I bought this delicate lace dress from H&M, and I borrowed this Aritzia jacket from my roommate’s closet- the perks of living with your best-friend! From my previous posts, you already know how obsessed I am with these leather sleeve jackets, so  I am definitely going to buy another one of these, because they go with everything and come in so many different styles! I highly recommend them, trust me you will find that they can add so much to any outfit you wear.

PC: www.sonalinphotography.500px.com/

It’s 18 degrees Celsius today with the usual sporadic chilly winds, so be prepared to be constantly taking your jacket on and off- I can not wait until I do not need a jacket at all though. I forget how it feels to be able to walk out of the house with just shorts and a tank top. What a light feeling, not to mention the only way to get a tan!

Have a lovely Thursday!