Count Your Cals


So firstly, I am going to start with how amazing my boyfriend’s meal looks here in terms of being nutritionally balanced- a rare sight to see in most of today’s restaurants which focus solely on providing for taste bud temptations.
We went to this newly opened up place on East Broadway called BNS cafe. They are so new they still do not have a running website, but I am telling you right now, it is going to get pretty popular in no time. They have a whole array of breakfast and brunch foods on their menu as well as a whole section of their cafe dedicated to a Frozen Yoghurt bar– bliss for all those who want a healthy desert after their meal.


Getting to the specifics now, the meal  in this picture has the perfect amounts of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fat and Vitamins and totals to around 525 calories- that value is just about right for an average brunch meal.
Then again, make sure you eat for the right calorie content for you, everyone’s is different and your value is very important to know to be eating healthy.
I use this app which I highly recommend you all to download called MyPlate Calorie Tracker. The reason I really like this app is because it has a huge database with the breakdowns of so many foods, drinks, deserts- you name it.
I have never not been able to find the nutritional components and/or calorie content of any foods I am eating, on this app. It also works if you want to customize it by entering some information about your weight/height/activity level to tailor to your specific goals.

Give it a try, and watch eating clean become much easier! You can do it! 🙂