Couture Collab.


To all my Instagram friends, sorry if this post starts off a little repetitive…I just need to make sure everyone is well informed about this wonderful collaboration!
So I had the wonderful opportunity of collaborating with TKC Design Inc., and I fell head over heels in love with the collection. I have never seen a more beautiful, modern and colourful IndoWestern line, and I am sure neither have you!

Check it out at
Taranjit Cheema is the lovely designer, and she announces the official launch of her line very soon, so keep ready for that.
Though it was extremely hard to choose, I narrowed down my favourite 5 outfits including this one, and I will post each look over the next few weeks- so keep checking in for that! 🙂
I start this series with this yellow dress, with a really nice slit on the side which I especially adore. It is a really form fitting dress so it really flatters your shape, and the material is really light so it doesn’t restrict your movement at all!

This outfit, the Diana dress, has a fashion-forward, high-end couture vibe to it so all the accessories were paired in accordance to that and were from Topshop.

See you with more very soon!

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