Princess Diaries 

Hi my blogging family!

So as promised, here is look number two, from the TKC Design Inc and The Open Journal collaboration series.

I absolutely love being an Indian girl for many reasons, one big one being the lovely outfits and jewelry we get to wear!

They just make you feel like an absolute princess, I know you guys feel me!

This look was one of my favourites. I just fell in love with the bright colours and glamorous design…

Skirt: TKC Design Inc- Elizabeth
Top: TKC Design Inc- Mala
Shoes: Aldo

Together, they can work as a modern twist to the traditional lengha look, or as a separate piece- the ballgown looking skirt could be worn as a formal piece to a western outfit.

Order yours now at, and check out Taran, the talented designer’s, other beautiful items as well!