Travel Throwback

Good morning!

I hope to be able to add travels to my list of categories to blog about in the near future. But only when I manage to save up those kind of funds- may I even begin to have that kind of thought process.
Until then, here are just some of my favorite moments I had on my holiday in Siam Reap, Cambodia, two years ago- which I thought would be fun to share with all of you too!
First, I must start with the amazing hotel we stayed at, the Le Meridien. I only managed to find these three shots from my collection- but even just these glimpses are enticing all my senses again. It is such a grand hotel with all kinds of luxury and leisure amenities all across its grounds.

Yes, I am a little embarrassed my sister and I ordered in Italian room service when we could have gone out and explored all the lovely looking Cambodian food- but it was really late and we in our PJs…And in all fairness, the food did hit the right spot, you can expect no less from such a hotel. 
This is the Angkor Wat Temple, the largest religious monument in the world, and is it breathtaking or what? I remember we had a really nice tour guide who told us about all the fascinating history and stories about this temple- which I couldn’t stop reading up about after, for days! A lot of Cambodian culture ties in with Indian culture because the country started off Hindu, and so I related to a lot of it.

Finally, I remember being completely enthralled by the Old Market, or Phsar Chas, which is downtown Cambodia and is full of all kinds of trinkets, traditional souvenirs, and food. My sister and I came here after our tour of the Angkor Wat and because it was so hot, we slurped down these gigantic coconuts in no time. I cut off our faces in this picture for your own good, trust me, we were all sticky and sweaty… Not the prettiest sight! We also befriended this lovely local vendor who was so kind and full of smiles- I will never forget who sweet she was, even though she barely spoke english, I just wanted to chat with her for days.

This is also where my grandma bought me that beautiful silver necklace I told you guys I found during my Spring Clean… Go back to that post if you want another look!

Don’t you just want to head over to Siam Reap now?