Sanjana’s Start

Intro: This is me trying to continue on my pursue of my passion in writing. I decided to start a series of a fictional story about a girl named Sanjana. Though the events will be fictional, I plan on making her somewhat similar to me- to make everything as relatable as possible.
Why Sanjana: I chose this name partially randomly but also because my parents were supposed to have named me this, but they had a sudden change of heart when they saw me for the first time. Beats me! (And this is me trying to make a meaning out of something here). 

Not again, please not again.She could see her chest beneath her beginning to heave erratically.
Her pulse was racing in her veins.
She parted open her lips and forced herself to take some deep and long breaths.

She had always been an over thinker, her mother always reminded her she had a tendency to make mountains out of molehills. Sometimes, her thoughts got unbearably overwhelming, and she was still learning to calm herself down.

It was just a job interview. She knew she did her best. After all, what is meant to be will be. Que Sera, Sera- she told herself.
But she wanted this whole heartedly. This was the key to unlocking the door to her dreamed about lifestyle.

However, all the anxiety of opening up this email, she was being submerged under- was just not working in her favor.She kept rereading the subject title “Re: Interview”. She wondered why it was so vague anyway, were they doing this to her on purpose?

She just couldn’t do it, so she smacked down the screen of her macbook, and went to bed.

Tomorrow is a new day.