DIY Day!


This post is about how I try and keep looking the way I like, even when my budget is tight. The 2 segments I will feature today are: 

1. Beauty On A Budget– I  found a way to keep my face looking great without spending a fortune, and you can most definitely do the same! 

Yes, another post about make-up. ANOTHER ONE. Can’t help it guys, I just love this stuff! It is a form of art right?  🙂
So, what do you do when you need to look fresh and fancy for your everyday, but don’t currently have the funds to splurge(in other words, broke)?

You run to Sephora! And that is precisely what I did this weekend, and here are some of my favourite items I found, that make for the perfect base layer to your make-up routine.

(From Left to Right)
-Ultra Smoothening Primer: Perfect for dry skinned people like me, since it has a slippery texture. Rub it all over your face after your moisturizing cream/ sunblock. This stuff keeps all the product on your face on for hours and hours!
-Smoothening & Brightening Concealer: Has a colour corrector formula in many shades, so make sure you get matched properly to ensure for good coverage. My dark circles can be really prominent and I was recommended the peach shade which has a pink undertone. I can really see the difference.
-Bright Set Finishing Powder: This is perfect to lightly dab on top of the concealer to prevent any creasing.
-Multitasker Brush: For powder/ blush/ bronzer. Don’t forget to dab off excess product when switching around, the last thing you want is a multicoloured face! This has happened to me before sadly.
-Classic 24 Felt Eyeliner: Thin tips are my favourite, as it allows for more flexibility for wing shapes. Unleash your inner Picasso.

All this cost me $120 in total. Not too bad huh? After all this- depending on your budget & look goals, play around with with lipstick, blush, bronzer, mascara & eyeshadows and enhance that beauty queen you already are!

2. LBD turned OOTD I cleaned my closet and found old items, which I mixed and matched and turned into treasures!

So I found an old little black dress at the back of my closet, that I was initially thinking about chucking, but then I envisioned it’s potential.

I ended up pairing this dress of mine, with a white Zara cardigan and Aldo booties, and Voila! It made the perfect outfit to work without being too over the top with it’s simple colours, yet breezy and light to fit into spring vibes.

Honestly girls, before rushing to the store just give your closet a try- I was VERY pleasantly surprised and I am sure you will be too!