Royally Purple

Hi all! ❤

I really tried hard to look like a Cherry Blossom tree in this picture, because as you probably can tell based on all my many posts, I absolutely love them. Who doesn’t?
So this beautiful look here marks outfit number four of my collaboration with the lovely TCK Design Inc.


I remember when I first saw this I immediately loved it!
However, I was also very nervous to wear it because I have never worn purple before…
I just find this color a very daring one, which needs to be carried with a lot of confidence.
Lucky for me the gorgeous cut and design of this outfit, automatically gave me the boost I needed!
The top is called the Purple Malala top, and the skirt is called the Elizabeth skirt.
Head on to to order yours!


This look is more of a formal Western one and I feel both the pieces of the outfit can be dressed up or down separately with other counterparts- which is great! More flexibility means more variety to your wardrobe choices!
We chose to accessorize with an H&M statement necklace with purple, blue and silver under tones and some sparkly silver Aldo heels to give this look some more glamour!

I also got a lot of questions about how I did my hair…

Girls, invest in a sock bun! I got this one for $3 dollars from H&M and it takes two minutes to put on, and ends up looking like a super fancy hair do. I pulled out some loose hairs from the side of my head and curled it to add some elegance. That is all!
Oh and just literally type in Sock Bun into Youtube, and you will find hundreds of awesome tutorials if you have a little bit of a struggle trying to get your hair wrapped around the bun initially- that’s what I did!

See you tomorrow,