My Jessica Rabbit Outfit

I call this outfit my Jessica Rabbit Outfit…Yes I am indeed talking about the cartoon. She is incredibly sexy, and I always wonder who came up with her and what exactly was their inspiration. When did this whole adult cartoon category actually become a thing? And who knew there was such a big market for it!
I got this jumpsuit from HnM for just $30. It is a really loud one, it has a bold colour and cut and so I only wear it for super fancy events.
This is one way to wear it. All you need is:
Red lipsick(Maybelline ), statement necklace(Aldo), black heels and a hair curler.

Another way to change this outfit up, is by adding silver accessories and giving it a Bohemian touch. I got this necklace from Hollister, and the bangles from Aldo.
If you have any other ideas you think would work with this outfit, PLEASE submit a comment! I am also looking for ways to switch things up!