Silver Styling

Happy Monday guys!

This post is going to feature the vibes I was feeling this weekend, and as the title insinuates- it was all silver based!
I am big time accessory girl, you will never catch me without some bling even if it is simply a subtle necklace or studs. I truly believe no outfit is truly complete without some matching pieces to wear/carry along with it.
On Saturday, I decided to bring out my turquoise stone embedded silver rings and bracelets that I have collected over the years from the street markets during my visits to Chiang Mai, North of Thailand. My obsession with these started when I saw all the local women there completely covered in them- glistening away in the sunshine as well as the moonlight.
Chiang Mai is not only great for it’s cheap shopping, but also for the beautiful views of  mountains, perfect weather and strong culture present in the local’s overall lifestyle like in their food,  gestures, dressing style and so on.
I would go there a lot for weekend get-aways with my family, or for inter-school basketball tournaments- yes I was indeed in my high school basketball team, shocker for someone as short as me, I know I know. I wasn’t the best, but it was a lot of fun for sure.
Also, incase you were wondering my lovely pinkish-nude nail colour is “Tickle My France” by OPI. Decided to opt for a manicure at home by myself this weekend, too broke to afford getting it done professional sadly…

Now finally on to my look for Sunday! This outfit was not only cooling and comfortable, in this slightly warm weather but super cute as well! The best part? So simple to put together! All you need is:
Cardigan- Guess
Crop Top- Zara
Jeans- H&M
Grab a clutch/ sling bag depending on how much you want to be carrying around with you the whole day and throw on a nice long silver necklace and you are ready to go!
(I really like the whole faux snakeskin pattern thing on my clutch, don’t you? Find it super chic.)
A look like this is perfect for a casual hang out to lunch/the movies… Speaking of which, I finally watched The Danish Girl. I love these kind of contemporary movies, this one was especially touching and a truly important film for the transgender movement.