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Firstly it’s FRIYAY! In honor of this glorious day, I decided to make this post about a flashback of a trip of mine…
So I am the type of person who’s definition of fun is going bowling, or shopping, or watching a movie at a cinema, meeting up with close ones at a nice bar or restaurant- basically, the city life. That’s where my heart will always be.
So last summer, when my friends and boyfriend suggested a weekend of camping in Pemberton, I was extremely skeptical. Somehow, I got dragged into it, and it turned out to be an amazing time.
I still remember, midst tent making- chuckling to myself as to what my friends from back home would say to me if they saw me!
For all other newbies, I thought I would try and tell you about what my experience was like and squeeze in some basic tips that might help you if you are planning a similar trip sometime soon.
So our trip was in total for 2 nights, and we started off our first day by going to Canadian Tire to buy essentials. We bought a grill, tents, firewood, mosquito repellent, a cooler, and a couple of pillows. After this, we headed to a grocery store and stocked up on some frozen meats and vegetables, some pop drinks, snacks and booze. On top of this, we obviously each brought our own bag packs as well. Mine included: speakers, sunscreen, kohl, chapstick, toothbrush, toothpaste, face & body wash, dry shampoo, body mist, underwear, wet wipes, PJS, shorts, leggings,a towel, a tank top, and a simple T shirt. That is it. That is all we had, and that was more than sufficient enough.
(We should have bought more mosquito repellent though, we were not expecting to be as close to the water as we were, and even though the view was gorgeous- we could have been eaten alive!)
(Also, when we went, the water was freezing- however, there were some brave souls who managed to take a swim anyway, so bring a bathing suit just incase your threshold for lower temperatures are high)
After this, we were set to go, and one of our friends kindly drove us all the way.
What I love about Pemberton is that there are many camping spots  available for you to choose from based on your preferences, usually they cost $10-20 a night, which is extremely reasonable.
The next two days, we all just basked in the sunny view, drank by the fireplace with some good music and relaxed. It was really a nice getaway from the sometimes overwhelming hustles and bustles of our world.
The camping spot we opted for, wasn’t too far a drive away from a community center which we stopped by at before the road trip back home to take showers! Yes, you did read that right. It was $2/person, and the conditions were pretty well kept. We also found a shopping mall, and stopped by there for some nice food…
Don’t judge! After 2 days in the wilderness, we just needed a quick reminder of what we were going back home too… 😉
Basically, do some proper research on where your camping spot will be located and what is around/near by just incase you do need things/ a change of scene at some point.
Most important tip, drink heaps of water and carry a bottle around with you. The sun’s glare can dehydrate you and cause massive headaches which will creep up on you out of no where. Speaking from a painful experience here.

Hope this was an insightful read,
(Big brownie points to all those who recognize this picture from my main background photo to this website) ❤


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