Hi all!

Firstly, I got to thank Blynqe Cosmetics for gifting me with their products…I am so excited to have found my new favourite matte liquid lipsticks!
Currently, they focus on 3 colours, from left to right: Chitchat(Fuchsia), MorningGrind(Pink) and Reign(Red).


These colours are really popping, and make your lips stand out giving your face a really fresh look!
What is extra special about these lipsticks is the fact that they are waterproof. I needed to take them off with makeup remover/oil which was great because my lips weren’t staining everything and actually lasted the whole day!
Another thing I really loved about these products is the fact that though they were matte, they were not drying to the lips at all! The formula was nice and smooth allowing for easy application and a comfortable feel.

Each is usually valued at $15, however, for a limited time starting today you can get them for $12 so head over to their website and get yours now!
Here I have the Reign on, perfect for a sexy evening time look. Stay tuned for more pictures of me in the different colours over the next few days!

Lots of love,