Kylie Kisses

Good morning guys!

Yes, blegh it’s a Monday all over again, so here’s me trying to keep this post as entertaining as possible to counteract this depressing back-to-work day.
So a dear, dear friend of mine knew how badly I wanted the Kylie Cosmetic’s lip-kit, and despite multiple attempts, I just couldn’t get a hold of it! So he took care of it for me somehow…
Anyway! My 2 favorite shades out of the whole line were the Matte Dolce K and Candy K. I had read multiple reviews online, all of which said that the shades look really different on different skin tones. Boy, were those reviews right!
After trying them both on, I found the Dolce K a little too dark a brown on my lips but it looked great on my more olive skinned friend. I loved the rosy pink Candy K though, and hence that is the one I shall review today!


First, I will start with the packaging, I love the artwork on the boxes and the lip gloss casing. I really liked Kylie Jenner’s little note alongside the package as well pretty thoughtful!


So I started with the lip liner(obviously), which I really really liked on it’s own too- so for a less dramatic look somedays, I will definitely be using it like this. It just gave a really matte, subtle pink touch of color to my face.

When I added the lip gloss on top, it took the coloring on my face to the next level. It added some shine and made my lips look extra plump and juicy! Very nice for a more fancy occasion in my opinion. The lip gloss also had this really nice vanilla scent to it, my absolute favorite smell!

My lips stayed in tact for the whole day, no need for reapplication. However, together, the lip-kit had a drying effect because it is indeed super matte. So I recommend moisturizing your lips with some lip balm/Vaseline before putting it on, to protect your lips as well as to prevent cracking on the lips when wearing the products.


As great and fun as this lip-kit was, there are many similar products that will do the same job for you, for much cheaper. I actually went to try out the so called “dupes” of this lip-kit and picked out my favorites for you guys- that actually do have the same look to this Candy K. These include:

1.Maybelline Matte Liquid Lip Color, 5 Nude Thrill, $7.99.
2.Stilla Liquid Lipstick in Caramello, $24.
3.Anastasia, Pure Hollywood. $20.

Lots of love!