Work-Routine Ready

I am the type of person who really finds it hard to maintain a routine. I really like being spontaneous and feeling “trapped” to an everyday pattern of living makes me unhappy.  Feeling this way simply didn’t allow me to perform my best at work, which lead to a bad day.

After working for almost 2 years now, I realized the importance of getting adjusted to a routine. It makes life much easier in the sense that you do not forget things, you are on time, and it’s just healthier for your body and mind overall.

So here are some tips I find extremely useful to live by to maintain an everyday system for yourself, easily and happily. I collated these pointers from my personal experiences as well as tons of research online. Basically, I have tried everything, and these really work the best. Give them a try!

1. Wake up at least an hour early before leaving the house. Honestly being rushed is not fun, even if you have packed your bags/outfit/lunch the night before, there are things you have to deal with in the morning that you do not take into account. For instance, browsing through messages on your phone, getting rid of your grogginess, hair and make up, the list goes on. Plus, you will be in a way more upbeat mood for the rest of the day if you start your morning with some good music or TV!

2. Eat and drink. Coffee and a bagel at the very least. Expecting a productive start to your day at work with low blood sugar is kind of impossible. Give yourself some time in the morning to be able to prepare some munchies. Saves you a few bucks from the café too!

3. Fake it until you make it. It is hard to be super chirpy in the morning, especially if it’s a Monday. I feel you. However, if you walk into office and give everyone a big smile and a happy “Good Morning”, you will be surprised at how their responses and attitude towards you will make the rest of the day for you amazing.

4. Ease your way into it. Make a plan for your targets and goals in the morning, and give yourself 30-35 minutes to set yourself into the frame of mind of being at work. This way you will be more efficient with your time through the day, you will not forget to do anything, plus you will feel more relaxed as you do things.

5. Leave work at work. Once you are out of the office. Until the next day, do not think about it, do not work anymore. Your brain needs some resting time, so that you can actually be productive the next day. Give yourself some down time, it’s really important!

I hope you all found this useful. These are the rules I really try and live by everyday, and when I do, my days genuinely are so much better! If you have any more tips you would like to share, I would love to hear from  you. Feel free to send me a shout out in the contact form below!

Lots of love,