Worry-Free Winter!

Hey hey peeps!

Feeling blue in all this cold darkness? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone at all! You can not blame your mind or body for being confused when it’s too cold to leave the house or when it seems like nighttime when you just wake up! Trust me, I miss my lovely tropical Thailand more than ever when this season approaches.
Here are the top 5 pointers I put together for you, that actually work, out of the thousands I have read and tried:

  1. Dress the part– Yes partly I mean enjoy winter fashion, layering up can be super stylish. But also, feeling warm and comfortable makes being in the outdoors more bearable and fun. So bring out your thick socks, sweaters, beanies, gloves, whatever you need! Go crazy!
  2. Stock up on the right snacks– The types of foods you crave, are no doubt, affected by the weather. Since your body is burning up more energy keeping you warm, you will be hungry more often, or want to eat more fatty energy boosting type of foods. So allow yourself to indulge in deserts and hot chocolate and all that delicious goodies, but also have healthy options around as well so you don’t feel bloated and guilty after. I like having my nuts, cereal bars, and oatmeal all stocked up!
  3. Socialize– I know it’s hard to get out of the house when the weather is depressing, and you just got home after a long commute from work and all you want to do is curl up by the fireplace and chill. BUT you will be surprised to learn how refreshed you feel after pushing yourself to make some effort of getting together with loved ones. You can all be lazy together!
  4. Mentally make the most out of the situation– Pull yourself up internally, and try and look out for things to be excited about. For instance, CHRISTMAS! Start thinking about parties, gifts, and decorations. Maybe plan a skiing trip somewhere snowy nearby. Plan a vacation if you must and escape winter by heading somewhere sunnier. Just remind yourself, it will be over soon. It’s temporary not forever!
  5. Spiritualize– What I mean by this is: candles, oils, yoga, mediation, writing, drawing, baking- use whatever you need to, to get creative and in touch with your inner peaceful mind. This works with all seasons, throughout the year. Handle your mind by taking some me time to reflect, it always gives you perspective about things, which inadvertently makes you feel good. Or allows you to sort things out to make them good!

Happy Winter!