HELLO CEOs of Marsquest!

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So, today I am SUPER excited to launch the interview I had with the two CEOs of Marsquest.
Before we jump into that, I need to take a few minutes to say how much I LOVE their sunglasses. Other than being STUNNING, they have some awesome properties including; ultralight, memory-bend, impact-resistance and 100% UV protection.
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When it comes to protecting your eyes, making a good investment in some sturdy sunglasses like these is worth it. If you take care of your sunglasses well, you can keep them working for you for a LONG time!

Here are some tips you can use to take care of your sunglasses:

Carry them around in a case: Be it a hard case or a soft pouch, you don’t want your sunglasses to get scratched and hence this is incredibly important in ensuring your lens stay looking new. Mostly all brands give you a complimentary case with your purchase, it is just a matter of remembering to carry them along with you!
-Wipe them with lint-free cloth: After your day out, take a few minutes to thoroughly wipe your sunglasses clean. This will prevent dust from accumulating and wipe off any fingerprints or grease.
-Make sure no screws are loose: Every month or so, double check the screws of your glasses and make sure they haven’t come loose. If they have, take them to the store you bought them from and they are will help you tighten them up for free.
-Avoid prolonged exposure to excessive heat or saltwater: Store your sunglasses in a dry place of room temperature to avoid any discoloration or weakening of the lenses and frames.

Now, let’s jump into the part you have all been waiting for, the INTERVIEW with CEOs, Mars and Shawn…



What inspired you to start Marsquest together?
Mars CAI: Everyone needs a pair of sunglasses. Particularly when you are driving, walking, fishing, or taking selfies and you just want to look cool. And I always remembered the first time I walked into a sunglasses store but ended up with seeing all overpriced sunglasses and buying nothing. So I decided to form a team with two other co-founders to launch a revolutionary sunglasses brand, MarsQuest, that benefits everyone who needs a pair of high-end and also affordable sunglasses. 

What were the challenges you initially experienced and how did you overcome them?
Mars CAI: Finding a good manufacturer is hard. We used to travel to a lot of places and attend many trade shows in order to search for a qualified factory who holds the same vision like we do in the sunglasses industry. Forming a team is also hard. Labor fee in Canada is not cheap. So we, the co-founders, have to work more. We work at least 12 hours per day including weekends. And you get to know the material, the design, the assembly, and you also get to know how to take photos, how to utilize social media platforms, how to collaborate with bloggers… So the harder we work for it and the more we learn. Put your heart into your job.
Shawn XU: Fortunately, after talking with so many manufacturers we eventually found the one who shared the same value and vision with ours. Jack, our manufacturer, is a detail-oriented person who maintains a high standard of producing superior quality products. 

What is your vision for Marsquest in the future?
Mars CAI: MarsQuest will continue its revolution in sunglasses industry and supplant some of the overpriced sunglasses brands by its quality, style, and affordability. You will see people wearing sexy colored sunglasses on the street, at the beach, in the school – and those are MarsQuest sunglasses.
Shawn XU: We provide sexy, sporty, and fashionable sunglasses for customers, and we will also make sure our products are affordable to them. We are the fashionable one in sports brands and the sporty one in fashion brands. At the end of the day, no one will have to pay too much money for sunglasses and also have more styles to choose from. 

Any advice for young and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own company?
Shawn XU: Dream big and work hard towards it. You can never be too well prepared.
Mars CAI: Be a sponge and jump into the sea. The place and time are here and now. Time is value. 

What is each of your favorite eyewear brands and why?
Mars CAI: We both like Gentle Monster, a sunglasses brand that is not really making sunglasses but artworks. They have some of the world’s best eyewear designers. We learned a lot from them. If they are Justin Bieber, then we want to be C Ronaldo. 

Hope you enjoyed this piece, and that you feel motivated to follow your dreams as these two did! Talk soon darlings!