Call Me Cray!


So basically, yesterday I was just not feeling life.
I was in the most terrible moods and it was not fun, to say the least.
It did also happen to be that time of the month, which I must admit probably played a factor in my volatile emotions.
However, thinking about how “it must be my hormones”, doesn’t really provide me with much comfort when I am feeling down.

Why do I look so blegh? What are my life goals? Why does everything seem so meaningless right now?
I’m sure many of you know the drill of the train of thoughts that follow during these days.

To ease my pain, other than the comfort my loving friends and family provided me, I remembered the last two Noble Truths I read about in Buddhism called:
(Read about my learnings about the first two Noble truths on my previous post, here). 

Nirodha –
stopping craving and clinging to impermanent things
practicing mindfulness and meditation

Honestly guys, when you are feeling a whirlpool of negative emotions that you just can not cope with, STOP. Take a deep breath and just clear your mind.
It is not going to be easy, but you have to force yourself to just focus on each breath you are taking. INHALE then EXHALE. Notice the feeling of your lungs getting filled up, and then emptying out.
Keep on doing that until your mind and heart feel lighter, and it will trust me.

I used to roll my eyes and smirk in disbelief whenever people told me to try meditation, but after going through one too many breakdowns and failed solutions, I had nothing to lose- so I gave it a try. And EUREKA, it worked.

Once your mind is clear, and you feel calmer, analyze your worries, realize what was upsetting you was not something that will affect you like this forever.
Over time, this too shall pass, and you will be onto other things.

Happy Wednesday darlings. Stay happy, stay grateful and stay beautifully YOU!

Oh, and before I forget, don’t forget to take a look at each of the FABULOUS people in the whole TEAM that created this gorgeous look:

Photos by: Meg Burton 
Hair & Makeup by: Contoured Studios
Jewelry by: Athena
Outfit by: Mahari Collection
Backdrop by: Pink Paisley Decor

Here are some more pictures for you to browse through!
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