Anxiety No More!

Happy humpday loves!

Life gets busy. Busy and crazy. I wish I had more hours in a day, I always feel as though I need more time to do everything I need to do.
What ends up happening is I stay up until 4 am getting everything done, and then I am cranky the whole next day because I don’t get enough sleep.
This cycle continues for about a week or two, and then I feel overwhelmed, irritable and with tons of anxiety. Because unless I am properly rested, I am just not as productive/creative- and that is just stressful.
I know many of you feel my pain. Being in your mid 20s is apparently when you experience the hardest times of your life, so at least we know it gets better?

Anyway, I am going to stop complaining and talk about solutions.

I have put together a list of things that really help me calm down during days where I just need to give my mind and body a break. I hope you guys find it useful!

-Switch off from my phone/laptop for a while: Even if this is only for an hour! After work, turn off your phone off and keep your laptop out of sight. Instead, just live in the present and people watch/do some errands around the house/talk to my roomie/cook!
-Work out: I know this is a generic solution to everything, but honestly, there is a reason this is the case! Even for a mere 20 minutes, pull out a yoga mat and stretch. Or go for a run, maybe pop by the gym and do some cardio on the elliptical.
-Unleash your creativity: Play an instrument, sing, dance, draw/paint, write in your journal, do some readings. This is not only relaxing but will also contribute to developing your skills!
-Meditate: Force yourself to sit down, and clear your mind. Do not think about anything at all. Just focus on your breaths in and out. You will feel so much lighter physically and mentally within just 10 minutes. I promise. Read my post about Buddhism’s teachings on meditation here.
-Drink some soothing tea: The warmth, beautiful scents and delicious flavours of these drinks just make all your sense feel great! I recently discovered Chaiwala Chai’s tea and am in love! Not only does this company provide great tea starter kits with classic strainers, but their tea blends are delicious. My personal favourite is their Masala Chai blend- nice touch of ginger to it! Yum!

Have a great rest of the day boos, and thanks for reading. Also, please continue to send me all your thoughts, comments and feedback in the contact form below. I love hearing from all of you darlings.