Living in the Lap of Luxury at Seattle’s Loews Hotel 1000

This post was originally written by me and published on Viva Lifestyle and Travel and republished with permission.

The moment my taxi swerves to the side of the road to let me out, I know I’m in for a treat. I’m a mere 20-minutes away from Tacoma International Airport, and yet I’m standing in the heart of downtown Seattle, in front of the beautiful Loews Hotel 1000.

Taking in my surroundings, my senses are overwhelmed with all the possibilities I have around me: Seattle’s Art Museum, Pike Place Market, Seattle’s Historic Triangle Pub — I’m going to have to make some serious cuts if I’m going to squeeze it into just a couple of days. Before any of that, though, I enter the elegant lobby to find a complimentary glass of champagne. A mere five minutes later, the concierge hands me a key and I’m ushered in the direction of my Deluxe Water View King room.

First look

The first thing I notice as I walk in my suite is the large windows. Beckoning me towards them, I walk over to take in the sweeping vistas, and despite it being a rainy day outside I feel that the full view of the city gives me a warm feeling. Reminded of how I just escaped from a cool day outdoors, I decide to draw myself a bath to warm up. It’s been an exhausting, early morning drive from Vancouver, Canada, and some relaxation time would be nice. As the bath fills with water, I realize that it’s probably one of the most entertaining ones I’ve experienced — the water comes not from a tap on the edge, but from the ceiling above. Feeling inspired (and alone enough to make a fool of myself), I spend some time pretending I’m in a Beyoncé music video. It seems fitting, given the luxury.

Fresh out of my Beyoncé-themed bath party, I flop down on the extra-plush king bed, watch a little TV, and fall into a nap.

Time for a bite

Am I the only one who always wakes up feeling extremely hungry? Still a little too lazy to venture far in search of food, I decide to get lunch somewhere close by. As I make my way through the lobby, I come across the hotel’s own restaurant, Boka. Intrigued by its name (and let’s be honest, its luminescent bar), I decide to give it a try.

I’m in the mood for some good old fashioned comfort food, so I strategically order the tomato basil soup and gourmet grilled cheese. I’m so content with my delectable decision that afterwards I ask to meet the executive chef, Scott Mickelson, and congratulate him on making a simple grilled cheese so unbelievably delicious. I also feel the need to ask him some quick questions about his talent and time spent at Boka — he honestly deserves the fame.

Your personal favourite meal at BOKA?
My favorite meal would have to be the “Cuban” Benedict. The slightly sweet and spicy pulled pork, grilled torta bread, mojo hollandaise and pickled cilantro — it’s just screaming with flavor.

The most popular cocktail at BOKA?
Currently one of our most popular cocktails is the “Have it Norway,” which is a delicious and refreshing citrus spirit.  As we re-conceptualize the new cocktail program, we will have some amazing cocktails focusing on local ingredients and flare.

Any upcoming additions to the menu?
We are so excited to open the doors to our brand new restaurant concept this fall. With a major focus on all the wonderful seafood Seattle has to offer, I am looking forward to introducing some “twisted” dishes to the new menu:

  • Grilled Octopus, Artichoke Tapenade, Calabrian Chili, and Grilled Lemon
  • Grilled Sardines, Golden Raisin Agra Dolce, Wild Fennel
  • Clam ”Meatballs”, Spicy Tomato Sauce, Grilled Baugette
  • Smoke Scallop Ceviche, Agua Chili, Kumquat
  • Jensen’s Smoked Salmon Rillette, Herbed Lavosh, Salad of Pickled Onion and Cucumber, Pumpernickel Bread
  • Our new oyster bar, featuring oysters from Washington

Sorry to sidetrack here, but I also have to mention the Seattle made, ‘DRY Sparkling cucumber water’ that accompanies my meal. It’s such a refreshing drink that I’m looking to see if they’ll ship it over to me in Vancouver — you have to try it.

Fun and play

As my stay at Loews Hotel 1000 comes to a close, one of my biggest regrets is how short it was. I’m still wishing I had a chance to utilize all the various amenities they had, though luckily I did get a sneak peak of each. The result of which has unsurprisingly inspired me to make a return trip. The good news? Loews is currently holding a Wonderful Place to Wander promo, which gives 20% off if you book before the end of June for stays throughout the rest of the year. You’d better believe I’m going to take them up on that.

Based on what I saw, I have to rank the Virtual Reality Golf Course as my number one activity. I can’t think of any other hotel that has something so innovative, and you can choose various locations and levels to keep it entertaining for hours. Coming in a close second place would have to be the hotel ‘Spaahh‘ (clever spelling for spa) which had a range of treatments from ice facials to a polished body treatment.

For those healthy and inspirational people who like keeping fit even during their time off, there is a massive gym located right next to the spa. For those who would rather lift a good book over a heavy weight, there’s also a quiet library with a whole range of books for you to choose from. Lastly (and should you need it) there is a gorgeous party space that you can rent to throw an epic party.

**On May 31 2017, Hotel 1000 officially became Loews Hotel 1000 and will undergo a comprehensive renovation to enhance the overall guest experience and maintain its competitive presence in the Seattle marketplace. The multi-million dollar remastering of the guest rooms, meeting space, lobby and restaurant will begin in June and is scheduled for completion in September 2017. The new look will create a luminous modern refinement throughout the hotel, while paying homage to the rich history of its location.

Disclaimer: VIVA was a guest of Loews Hotel 1000, however opinions and comments made by the writer remain unbiased and independent.

Photos by: Karthik Menon