A reminder to myself

It is really hard to feel “on top of the world” all the time.
There are days where everything just goes wrong, sometimes you are just not feeling the most energetic, perhaps some unforeseen changes occurred which upset all your plans- the list goes on.
Point is, despite the reason, life will never be perfect and finding a way to deal with the bumps along the way is the way to make it through.

I am writing this today, because I had a rough couple weeks. I was emotionally, physically and mentally drained. It seemed as though something or the other would dampen my spirits, in all possible forms.
I still had to work, I still needed to study for exams, I still needed to get my work outs done, I still wanted to keep in touch with my family and friends.
And though I still did everything I had to, my productivity levels had dropped, my attitude towards the people I cared about worsened, and I felt even more horrible.
As the saying goes, there is always calm after the storm, and the dark clouds looming over my life started to clear away. However, I need to remind myself that they will come back, and the next time they come, I want to handle them in a better way.
As I grow older, I am starting to become more aware of the cycles and phases I go through, and I realize that to learn and grow, I need to handle them differently. Better and better each time, because at this age, the decisions you make really do determine where your life goes.

I am impulsive, I cry easy, I am dramatic. I always end up feeling weak when I am like that, and regret all the decisions I make in that mood. I have realized that this is not the person I want to remain, and it is in my control to change the way I react.

A few days ago, I was in a position where again, I was upset and wanted to react immediately. However, I took out my phone, and read this note I had written which reminded be to be mindful, to take a break from the situation, and come back to it later.
Within a few hours, I had forgotten about it completely, and then on a calm and rational mind, I revisited the situation and it got sorted instantaneously because I knew exactly what I wanted from it, and approached it clearly.

And this is why I am putting this note to myself, so to speak, on my blog. It can be incredibly hard to get away from a situation when you’re upset, and I am hoping my calm mind today will help my frustrated mind in the future.
I also hope this note helps you, incase you need a reminder as well, and incase you think you’re the only one dealing with your inner demons. You are not!

Shoot me a message(in the contact form below) if you have any other tips for me, or if you’d just like to say WHATSUP I’d appreciate it loads and loads.