How to get out of your comfort zone!

Hi all,

For all those who know me well, I am through and through a city girl.
Moving to Vancouver 6 years ago was rather hard for me. I find that everything closes really early here, there isn’t really a night life scene, it  is extremely quiet all the time, the non-stop rain is super depressing, and as BEAUTIFUL as this place is- I am not really an nature loving, outdoor activity person.

However, it didn’t take me long to realize complaining wasn’t going to change my situation. Adaptation is life’s basic strategy to survival. So, I forced myself to try things I never did before and before I knew it, I developed new interests and Vancouver become less unbearable.

I think that in general, when you are presented with some kind of change in your life, you need to learn to make the most out of it. Hating on something you can’t immediately change and not adapting to it will just make you more and more miserable.

So here are some tips I put together for anyone currently going through change in their life. I found that doing these things, really helped me get through my time in Canada:

  • Keep a positive attitude: It’s really hard. I won’t lie. However, it is crucial to actively train your mind to look for the plus points in a situation as opposed to criticize and dwell in the negatives. Once you start to see all the positive aspects to a situation, you will be more inclined to give new things a try!
  • Mingle with new people: Don’t get too comfortable sticking to the same bunch of people who are the exact same as you. Yes, they are great, and will be your home away from home- but it is important to socialize with people who will allow you to experience new things.
  • Say YES more: Gosh, the amount of times I wanted to cry inside whilst agreeing to climb a mountain, go for a hike and camp in the middle of a forest…I ended up surprisingly enjoying all of those experiences. No, this doesn’t mean my personality has changed and I am now an avid camper, but the memories I made during those experiences will last me a lifetime. So don’t overthink it, just GO FOR IT!
  • Don’t overdo it though: When trying out new things, in words of rapper Drake, it is important not to jump from 0 to 100 real quick. This is best explained with an example: If you are scared of roller coaster rides, don’t sign up to go on the one with the largest drop first. This will most likely put you off ever going on even a baby roller coaster ever again. It is important to pace yourself. Push yourself to your ultimate limits, not past them.
  • Take a token of comfort with you: What I mean here is that when you are experimenting with all these new experiences, take something along with you that will bring a little bit of the real you along too. For instance, I love to take photos and I love to write. During all my trips, I would take a long my diary and camera. At the end of the day, I allowed myself to indulge in my comfort zone. This way you subconsciously welcome new experiences into your life better, as you don’t feel like you’re completely giving up your true preferences.

Hope that made sense? Shoot me a message in the contact form below anytime, if you’d like to discuss this some more. Get out of your comfort zone and message a stranger. 😉