Summer’17 budget fashion recap.

Hi darlings,

I am all about being fashionable but also maintaining a budget. When it comes to clothes, I get bored extremely easily, and hate repeating outfits.
Therefore, I don’t really like spending too much on my clothes, because I’m not likely to wear them for too long.
When it comes to other things like wallets, shoes, purses and accessories however- I won’t hold back at all! Anyway, that’s another topic for another day.
Since we are approaching fall pretty soon(yay my favourite season), I wanted to make a short post about some of my most favourite, cheaper, finds of the summer.

Here goes:
I have listed where I got all of these items from, their prices, and a link to their respective websites, in order! 

Black body suit, GAP, $30
Self-Tie Textured Waterfall Blazer, Urban Plant, $30
Denim Overalls, The Rag Machine, $17
Top-Tie Corset, Amazon, $6
Silver Dress, H&M, $15
Faux snakeskin top, H&M, $8
Floral top, American Eagle, $30
Denim skirt, F21, $20
Breezy Leggings with pockets, Banana Republic, $7


For a more clear view of these looks, head to my Instagram page

Happy Shopping!


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