Skechers Stylin’


I am still extremely excited about the fact that I got to collaborate with Skechers and pick my top favourite shoes to feature from their latest line.
I absolutely love this brand, and can still remember shopping for them with my mom in Thailand for PE classes.
Not only are Skechers shoes extremely long lasting, comfortable and affordable, but they come in so many styles and colours! Yay!
After having to make some really tough decisions, I finally picked my absolute favourite, and decided to share my reviews of them with you!

Let’s begin:

Relaxed Fit: Empire
These babies come at $90 and are available in a black or multicolour striped pattern. I especially love these for the gym because they have a air cooled memory foam inside and flexible rubber outside. Perfect to work out in comfortably and efficiently!

– Omne: Kort Klassix
I love these simple white sneakers, we all know how they have been trending all over social media for a while now- so yes, I jumped on the bandwagon. What I love about these shoes are that, despite being white, they are made of leather that is super easy to clean! I usually use a 2:1 mixture of water and white vinegar to wipe them down, and they end up looking brand new! You can grab these for a mere $60. Also, how retro is the silver detailing at the back eh?

Inspire: You 
Can you tell I’m trying to be camouflage here? Can you even see me? Ok, in all seriousness, this pair completes any active wear styled outfit. Whether you are going for a walk, just hanging by the park, or doing some light stretches at a yoga studio- I highly recommend these. You can get them for $90, and though that price may be a little steep, its soft woven mesh fabric build means it will last you a long time. I especially love these because of their convenient and comfortable high rebound cushion slip-on style, and on top of that, its multi-directional traction outsole makes walking feel like flying!

So there you have it! I have been literally wearing these three shoes in rotation as my daily uniform. On a full disclosure note, Skechers, sent me all these shoes to review without ANY requirements at all! My thoughts and opinions are 100% genuine. Thank you Skechers for reminding me about what good shoes feel like.

Hope you all also get a chance to try a pair out for yourselves.