A new way to shop for Indian fashion.

Hi my Indian babes,

I am super excited to introduce Shop Mohini to all of you.
The founder and my friend, Sonia Sidhu, designed this ingenious platform with a “made-to-order model.”
What this means is that you can mix and match pieces and details to create your ideal outfit, instead of having to buy a whole pre-made set with parts you are iffy about.
So, yes we should all release our inner fashion designers and go crazy experimenting with all sorts of colors, cuts, and necklines!
What’s even better about this brand is that they carry all sizes ranging from 00-22. Also, all the clothing is handmade in Mumbai with ethical production being a top priority.
Below are some of my favorite looks Sonia and I put together. We had so much fun! Do follow Shop Mohini on their Instagram page, and keep up to date with their beautiful clothing.
Oh, and if you have an Indian function coming up, try making your own outfit, I’m sure each one of you will create something absolutely gorgeous.
Also, a special shout out to Gracia Chua for her gorgeous photography!


Lots of love,