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Hi lovelies,

So I decided to write up a post about the best things to do when in Thailand in order to get a proper experience. Since I was born and brought up here, I would like to believe I have had a good, well-rounded experience on a lot of what is available here.
This was quite a hard post, just because there is literally so much to do in this country. Also, different things appeal to different people, so I tried my best to make this post as balanced as I could for everyone.

Let’s start with the South of Thailand. If you love beaches, jungles, or parties, get ready to fall in love:

-Snorkelling and island hopping in Koh Samui
Not only is this place absolutely stunning with white sand beaches, but it is also quite a tourist-friendly spot so you can find all kinds of adventure packages to do with fellow explorers.

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Full moon party at Koh Pha-ngan 
Famous for how “crazy” these parties get, these parties are truly tons of fun. Usually happens the night of, the night before, or the night after a full moon- hence its name. To find out dates and get your tickets visit: http://www.fullmoonparty-thailand.com.

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-Jungle Safaris, great seafood, and snorkeling with sea turtles in Phuket
The Khao Lak Safari day tour is one of the most popular ones. Activities include bamboo rafting, elephant tours, views of lush green forests, gorgeous rivers and waterfalls.
My favorite seafood in the world is from Phuket, and it is easily accessible and literally every restaurant around, for shockingly cheap prices.
If you want to snorkel along some majestical sea turtles, head to Mai Khao, you will be left in awe. 

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-Caves, temples and beachside resorts in Krabi
The Phi Phi islands are some of the prettiest in Southeast Asia. Various movies have been shot here, and you’ll understand why once you check them out. You can get to the various islands to check out all the gorgeous caves via boat, which is an amazing experience on its own. In terms of accommodation, there are a variety of awesome beach resorts you can stay at. The Tubkaak beach resort has won various awards for its outstanding beauty, and if it’s in your budget, I highly recommend this experience.
The tiger temple cave is considered one of the most sacred Buddhist temples in the province. It is famous for its tall Buddha statues, the strenuous flight of stairs required to reach the summit and fossilized tiger paw imprints all over the caves.

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-Khao Sok National Park and Shrine viewings at Surat Thani
The Pillar Shine is the most famous landmarks, located near Tapi River that crosses the Surat Thani town.
At the national park, you can see:  huge limestone karst formations, the man-made Cheow Lan Lake, rare species of flowers birds, gibbons and tigers. You can explore the park via an elephant-back safari, hiking trail, and raft, canoe or kayak via the Sok river.

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Now, lets head to the North of Thailand, a place full of beautiful culture and sceneries:

-Explore the Pu Kaeng Waterfall and Doi Luang National Park
This beauty sits in between a lush jungle and is only reachable after a one hour trek up a mountain, however, the work will be worth it.  A 10-minute ride from here is the Doi Luang National Park, which is the biggest national park in the North of Thailand.

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-Outdoor recreational adventures in Pai
Full of outdoor recreational activities including: white-water rafting trip,  trekking through mountains, viewings of elephants in the river and tubing down the river or hike to hot springs.

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-Elephant tours, temples and night markets in Chiang Mai
Though there are many temples here, Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep is one of the most, with beautiful murals and historical archeology. The Elephant Nature Park is a wildlife sanctuary which allows you to play with the elephants while making sure they all live a happy and free life. The Night Bazaar is a must in Chiang Mai, you can shop from everything from food to clothes and souvenirs here for great prices.

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-Historical tour in Sukhothai
Rent a bike and explore the ruins of Northern Thailand from 800 years ago. It’s truly a nostalgic and beautiful experience.

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Finally, let’s talk about Bangkok city- my hometown, my heart, my favorite place in Thailand:

-Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw
This is the official residence of the Kings of Siam since 1782, and is a truly majestic sight. Wat Prakreaw is regarded as the most sacred temple in Bangkok and is so beautiful. It is important to dress respectfully and properly covered up when visiting.

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-Emquartier and Platinum Mall
Emquartier is one of the most beautiful malls I have ever seen, with various buildings all with various themes. You can find various luxury international brands, all kinds of restaurants, and other great entertainment options.
Platinum Mall, is where to go for the cheapest and great quality shopping. You will find all kinds of things here from laptop cases to clothes to toys.

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-Soi 11(Cowboy) and Kaosarn Road
This is the place to go to party and have a great time. These streets are filled with various bars, clubs, rooftop bars and cheap drinks and hooka.

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-Thai Massage and Spas
Not all of these end with a “happy ending”, despite the reputation. Do your research and find a good place to get a massage and/or a spa treatment. Thai massages include various stretches and yoga poses and leave you feeling energized.

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-Floating Market
Bang Nam Pueng is one of the best floating markets, you can eat to your heart’s content while enjoying a great boat ride. You can also buy various trinkets and souvenirs along the way.

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Hope this was useful darlings. Feel free to message me about any questions you may have.