BTS of blogging

Hi friends,

So as you can possibly imagine, there is a lot of work that goes into blogging. It isn’t just as simple as “take a picture, write a caption and post”.
There is a lot of work that goes into the before and after part of the whole process as well. Since a lot of you have been asking, I decided to share with you some of many the measures I take in order to keep my blog the way it is.
After working as a Digital Marketer, specializing in social media for 2 years, I highly recommend these steps- they really do work in terms of getting engagement and following.

Taking photos:
For good photos, good lighting is extremely important. I have invested in some lighting equipment from Amazon, I always try and get my photos done early in the morning so I can catch the sunlight when it’s just right, and I also have to constantly be mindful of the angling and positioning of me and my items in the photo. Before anyone is allowed to eat at a dinner out I ask that everyone lets me take a couple of shots, I take at least 20 shots of the same thing in different angles with constant readjustments….you get the gist. It isn’t just a quick click sadly.

Posting consistently:
I try and post on my social media every day, and that means having new content always ready to go. I am not a full-time blogger, this is just something I do for fun on the side of my job. This means I don’t really have the time or energy to take pictures all day. So on the weekends, I take a few hours out of my day and take 5-6 photos to keep ready, which I post throughout the following week. Many times, I will link up with fellow bloggers, and we will all do shoots together featuring as many looks as possible.
On top of this, I make sure to have weekly blog posts up on my website as well. I like to keep these pieces as informative and valuable as possible, and so I make sure to spend at least a couple hours on each one. Like any written piece, I have to plan, write, and then edit before posting.

Though I have worked with various professional photographers, most of my photos aren’t taken with professional cameras. To make my pictures look good, I spend a lot of time editing them in Photoshop. It’s not just a filter thing! I edit highlights, shadows, adjust color balances and hues, blur and remove any noise- it’s a long process. I pay $10 a month for the Photoshop software, and I also spend hours on Youtube learning how to use it efficiently. For quicker fixes, I rely on VSCO, Snapseed, and Instagram!

Monitoring Insights:
If you switch over to a business account on Instagram, you get access to Insights. This allows you to see how well each post does in terms of impressions and engagement, you can analyze which times you get the most views, followers, and likes. From these statistics, you can plan your next posts to ensure they do the best they can.

Hashtagging, tagging, and communicating:
Instagram’s algorithms are constantly changing and being found is much harder. I find it is extremely important to appropriately hashtag each of my posts so that people who are looking for things relevant to my post can find me! Not going to lie, it gets pretty tedious. Moreover, constantly engaging with other bloggers and responding to comments and DMs from followers is all part of the process. I love being part of an online community, I’ve discovered and become friends with so many inspiring and lovely people- however, it is an extremely time-consuming process! Regardless, it is a price I am willing to pay.

When I first started blogging, I would make and send out media kits to various brands to collaborate with. These kits contained information about me, my blog, and why I want to work together. It was time-consuming, and also disheartening when some brands denied the request to work together. However, after growing over the last few years, instead of reaching out to brands, brands now reach out to me and request for my media kit. Even though I am now at the stage of getting paid per post, I only choose to feature brands I really believe in. I make sure to do my research before accepting any collaboration, as my main goal is to maintain authenticity on my blog.

Keeping inspired:
It is so important to stay up to date with trends and create original and creative content. It’s not always easy to create something new that hasn’t already been done better by someone else. I am always brainstorming about what I can post about next, and always keep my senses alert for potential shots and pieces to write about when I am out of the house.

Getting and responding to feedback:
I am always asking my friends and family for their brutally honest feedback about my work. I don’t always want to hear compliments because I’m always looking to take it to the next level. I can imagine it must be annoying to always have to analyze my work, however, I am so grateful to everyone who has taken to time, to be honest with me- you guys keep me doing my best.

As you can see, being a blogger is a commitment. Though it is extremely time- consuming, I use this platform as a creative outlet, so I really enjoy it.
I’m not going to lie though, I do go through some phases where I just need to take a break from my phone and the cyber world. However, after a weeks cleanse, I am ready to go again!
If you are looking to start a blog, start by creating a detailed plan of what your purpose is, how you are going to do it, and when you are going to start. Then launch with a clear strategy in mind. Just keep in mind that if you really want it to go far, you have to be committed.
You can do this! Unleash your inner creativity, don’t let fear or self-doubt come in the way. Feel free to contact me via the contact form below, I would love to help you start your blogging journey.