I am changing as I am aging.
I miss the old parts of me.
The naivety, the innocence, the faith…
My emotions were always so erratic, and yes it caused instability, but it also allowed me to feel passion.

I am left in awe when I reflect on myself and realize how cynical I have become, how I am able to just turn off my emotions and simply “forget about it”.
I feel stronger, but at the same time numb.
My priorities are robotic, with a list of “tasks” I need to complete in a day.
Where is the time to read a novel, write a poem, and explore some more of myself?

I look back at the various chapters of my life and notice how every one was a different “phase” of me.
My good girl reputation, my rebellious streak, my experimental times…
Now, I feel as though I have reached a stagnant plateau- and I can’t help but feel too young to be here already.

I crave change. I miss something new.
How do I truly get out of my comfort zone?