Dry Skin Rescued!

Hi babes,

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember complaining to my mother about how all the skin care products I could find were all for oily skin!
It was so rare to come across some strong hydrating formulas and I never quite understood why.
I am glad that I finally found a brand, Garnier, that caters to people with flaky skin like mine.
So after trying out a handful of product sent out to me, I selected my top picks and decided to share them with you!:)
Here goes:

  1. Moisture Bomb Super Hydrating masks & Charcoal Sheet Masks
    These sheets literally make an immediate difference on my face. No joke, I will put them on a couple hours before going out and I always have people tell me I look so fresh. I also love how you can feel the hydration seep into your skin when they are on. LOVE! They come in 6 different types, including a charcoal one which is super cleansing without being too drying.
  2. Soothing 3-In-1 Face Moisturizer With Rose Water
    Ok, so the first thing I must say I adore about this product is that it is not greasy! Usually, extremely hydrating creams tend to be a mess to use, but not this one. It can be used as a day/night moisturizer or a mask- talk about versatile. As you can imagine, it smells amazing as well and is great for sensitive skin.
  3. Deep Pore Green Tea Exfoliating Scrub With Green Tea
    As much as I try to avoid exfoliating because most scrubs tend to be rather drying, at least once every 2 weeks I force myself to- for hygiene purposes. The great thing about this product is it has green tea which is highly oxidizing, and also it’s a light scrub- so I don’t feel as though my skin is having all its hydration taken away.
  4. Clearly Brighter Daily Moisturizer With SPF
    YES to SPF 30, I am a freckle face, and I love the fact that I don’t need to apply sunscreen after I moisturize every day with this product. Bye melanoma!
    This baby has a large dose of Vitamin C and works to brighten your skin, so it will totally help reverse any sun damage!
  5. Refreshing Facial Wash With Aloe
    Just a nice fresh and wash for an everyday cleansing routine. You can be assured there will be no pore-clogging residue left with this light formula. Again, great for those with sensitive skin!
  6. Soothing Facial Mist With Rose Water
    This is my new primer and setting spray! It actually keeps my makeup lasting for so much longer AND is super hydrating. Talk about BONUS! I also LOVE the smell of rose water, and I keep getting told I smell great. Adore!Let me know if you guys have any questions at all!