Hair Extension thoughts.

Hi loves,

So about a month ago, I got hair extensions!
I got a lot of questions about them, so I thought I’d give you all my overall thoughts about them…

It started with:
A consultation at Citrus Salon, where they asked me about what kind of extensions I was looking for, the length I wanted and the colour(s) I preferred. I chose to go for tape-ins(I have heard they are less damaging to the roots than weaves), very long, and an exact match to my natural hair colour.

After 3 days:
My extensions order came into the salon from Bombay hair, and we were ready to go! Within 40 minutes I had my new hair put in- a much quicker process than I had expected. Oh yes, I also had to make sure I had my hair washed before and was free of any product before putting the extensions in.

The first few days of my extensions:
Were pretty uncomfortable. I definitely felt a slight strain on my head, as I was not used to the extra weight that accompanied the extra length and volume of my hair. However, this is normal and subsided after a while.

A month later:
I definitely will say I loved the experience. I felt super feminine, got tons of compliments on my hair and could experiment with a bunch of hair styles. I would highly recommend it for those looking for a month of extra sparkle.
However there were also some cons that come with this new mane. Firstly, any hair up-dos are impossible because the extensions can be seen- so I could not have my hair in a bun or high pony tail which was annoying sometimes. Also, I had to spend at least 15-20 minutes after a hair washing drying all my hair! On top of this, I needed to be constantly vigilant to make sure no product reached my roots which would weaken the extensions.
Lastly, the hair sheds and knots, as does any long hair- so combing it frequently is super important.
I am now finally ready to get my extensions removed and have a shorter hair style for the approaching summer! The great news is I get to reuse my extensions forever, so maybe I’ll get them put back in next year or something.

Until then, I plan on taking as much care of my hair and scalp to restore my natural hair’s strength through hair masks, oils, less heat on my hair and sulfate-free shampoo.
I have also started using 2 products which are great for restoring thickness and strength of hair, check them out:
Viviscal– Supplements which  help nourish thinning hair and promote hair that appears noticeably healthier, thicker, fuller and more vibrant.
Toppik– These keratin-enriched products revitalize weak, damaged, thin or thinning hair to create stronger, more manageable hair.

Feel free to ask me any more questions through the contact form below!