How to be extra productive – while keeping fully sane.

Who else feels like 24 hours in a day is barely enough at all?
I really value balance in my life and trying to juggle school, work, working out, social events, chores and my personal time – can be extremely hard.
Over the years, I have managed to develop some practices which help me accomplish all that I set my mind out to for the day.

Here they are:

1. Waking up early 


Back in the day, I would find any excuse I could to sleep in for as long as I could. It didn’t take me long to realize how unsustainable that lifestyle was. Firstly, I would feel super groggy for the rest of the day due to excessive sleep, and secondly, I couldn’t do half the things I wanted. Now, I wake up at 7:30 am on a daily basis despite whether or not I have anything to do. It feels great to start off my morning slow, I make a hearty breakfast, take a long shower, dress up really nice and catch up on some news. I have noticed that waking up early and starting my morning on a good foot really sets the tone for the rest of the day.
Take this time in the morning to not only awaken yourself but to also organize yourself and plan your whole day out. These few extra hours you gained will allow space for all the things you want to squeeze into your schedule. 

2. Sticking to a calendar 


I used to prefer to have a written diary in the past, but because I am such a scatterbrain – I quickly realized that Google Calendar is so much better for me! Not only does it sync my email meetings on to my laptop calendar but it also sends me alerts – and I love reminders! I use my calendar to plan meetings with other people as well as plan my daily schedule. I have my workout scheduled in there, lunch break, blog time and so on.
I find that having my whole day planned out makes me more accountable and helps me organize my time more efficiently as well. 

3. Strategically taking eating and drinking breaks


It is important to have adequate energy to get your work done. However, instead of finding excuses to procrastinate and eat unnecessarily, set goals that you need to get done before each meal or snack. This will keep you focused and ensure that you are spending your time wisely. Depending on my mood, I will spend this time eating either catching up on my favorite TV shows or with some friends.
Don’t forget to allow allot maximum time to your breaks so you don’t get too carried away – an hour is usually plenty!
P.S. I recently discovered Fresh Prep and I fell in love. Never in my life did I think I could whip up Tumeric Cod Quinoa and Poached Cod in Wize Monkey Tea Broth with King Mushrooms, Bok Choy and Soba Noodles myself – and that too in less than 30 minutes (I linked proof for those who don’t believe me)! This meal delivery company delivers fresh ingredients to your house, in the right proportions and servings that you pre-choose every week, with the recipes. Not only is it super convenient but also healthy. I highly recommend it for those who don’t have time for groceries but still want to cook a delicious meal from scratch.

4. Creating an ideal work environment.


Find out what kind of work environment will make you thrive and work the best. I personally like to have some sort of white noise in the background when I need to focus. That could be music playing in the background or even a random TV show playing – regardless, silence actually distracts me. Different things work for different people, so experiment around until you find what gets you ticking. Once you have that sorted, recreate that environment whenever you work again- you know what they say, work smarter not harder. 

5. Accepting setbacks and then moving forward 


Some days I literally can’t work. I will feel either overwhelmed, lazy or simply not motivated. Initially, these days would make me incredibly frustrated and I would spend the rest of the day just beating myself up about it. Now, I have realized that it’s alright to have break days when I simply can’t do anything, I allow myself to give my mind and body what it needs – rest. You will feel so much more refreshed after replenishing your “juices”, remember we are human beings, not robots – understand your capabilities. 

Wishing you all a great, productive week ahead!



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