2018 Holiday Gift Guide Under $100

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There are less than 3 weeks left until I get to go back home in Bangkok. I am so excited to meet all my family and friends, and just be on holiday!  Since you did click to read on this article, I am pretty sure you also love showering the ones you care about with presents during festivities.  I have officially started my shopping today and thought I would share some of my top 10 best finds with you.

Before I start I want to say that in general, I love writing and receiving cards and truly believe every gift should be accompanied by one. A heartfelt message has a ton of power, and especially when the purchase of those cards contribute to something meaningful as well. If you haven’t heard of One Girl Can, they are a non-profit organization that empowers girls through education to break the cycle of poverty and gender inequality in Kenya and Uganda. Contribute to their cause by buying a pack of their holiday cards (5 for $25 or 12 for $50), and really spread some extra love this year.


Now let’s jump into the presents:

1. Saje Wellness Diffusers ($60 – $200)

I just bought one of these for my boyfriend and he loves it. This technology really makes the whole room smell amazing and it’s soft mist really creates such a calming atmosphere. There are a variety of models you can choose from ranging in size, shape, and color. Saje also has a great selection of oils to choose from, however, I do feel like they are a little overpriced and you can find the same oils for cheaper prices elsewhere – I bought a whole set of 6 oils from Amazon for $25.

2. Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker ($90)

Why not gift someone unlimited lattes? What could be better than that? These coffee makers are compact, simple to use and make drinks in a jiffy.  There is a whole range of pods available to use from chai latte to hot cocoa.

3. Fujifilm Polaroid Camera ($90)

This is such a fun gift to give someone, throw in some cute film as well so they can use it as soon as they open up the gift.

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4. Lush Bath Bombs ($5 – $50)

In the winter, all I want to do is take a bath all day every day. If I got a bag full of bath bombs as a gift, I would probably cry a river of happiness. Lush’s bath bombs come in the most gorgeous scents and colors – it’s a blissful experience to say the least.

5. Matt and Nat purses ($70 – $200)

This brand is great for its unique and minimalistic bags, purses, and wallets. A super trendy and useful gift to give to the girls of your life!


6. Pandora charms ($40 – $150)

I don’t think Pandora bracelets or their charms will ever stop being a thing. Not only are the various designs gorgeous to look at, but I also think that they can be extremely sentimental. Find a charm that means something to the person you are gifting it to and warm their hearts – assuming they already have the bracelet of course. Otherwise, depending on your budget you could buy them the bracelet as well or you could simply even give them a necklace chain to wear the charm with as a pendant!

7. Crosley Cruiser Turntable – $71

I think this is such an amazing gift to gift someone paired with a couple of their favorite albums, which you can find on Amazon for 15$ onwards.  It’s such a sophisticated way to listen to music, not to mention to optimal sound quality!  

8. Kindle ($79)

Books are always extremely meaningful gifts to give someone, but why give them one when you can give them an unlimited amount? Kindles are not only eco-friendly but also not harmful to the eyes. I personally would buy a couple of books for them before giving them the kindle so that they can use it right away. 

9. Sephora Gift Card (25$+)

I don’t know which girl wouldn’t love you for a makeup shopping haul. Instead of trying to find skincare they might need, or makeup shades they would love – let them decide, on you! You can send them this gift card digitally via email or pick it up in store. 

10. Roots clothing and accessories ($40+)

I think comfy, good quality warm wear is a great gift to give someone during the upcoming winter season. Roots is known for its great design as well as amazing quality material. Mix and match pieces to gift your loved one a cozy holiday this year – don’t forget to drop in a gift receipt for them in case they need to get exchange them for different sizes.

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Happy shopping loves!