My Hygge Experience with Ford Explorer 2018

Hi darlings!

If you follow my Instagram stories, you got a chance to see my recent adventures with Ford Explorer. For the rest of you who didn’t catch that – here’s a little bit about my experience.


I am going to start off by talking about the word “Hygge” – this is Danish for a feeling of coziness.
Ford Canada reached out to me with the purpose of this collaboration to be one which provides me with this feeling. They provided me with the Ford Explorer 2018 to use on the weekend with an itinerary of recommended things to do over the next few days, some gift vouchers for food and some cute gifts too!
They really stressed how they wanted me to take some time to treat myself and be as comfortable as possible using the leather, warmed seats of the vehicle to help me unwind and relax. They also wanted to help me reduce any anxiety I was feeling by providing me using the innovative driver assistant of the SUV to help me carry out all my tasks for the day with ease.
I really appreciated this initiative, it was incredibly thoughtful and also gave me a good chance to properly experience the car in my everyday lifestyle.


My first and favorite trip with the Ford Explorer was to the Deer Lake Park in Burnaby with my boyfriend – it was such a lovely day, and the ride there was such a scenic one indeed. We spent the day driving around different spots around the area, stopping to take photos as well as basking in the sun. I also brought along the delicious hot chocolate marshmallow mix Ford had gifted me – which we gulped down in mere seconds! After that, we drove back downtown to get some hot Ramen for dinner, blasting out favorite tunes along the way – the Bluetooth stereo system had impeccable sound quality might I add! After that, I came home to take a hot bath with some beautiful vanilla scented candles around me, courtesy of Ford once again. It was such a wonderful day, to say the least.

The following day I used the SUV to help me carry out all my errands, I went to my favorite grocery store, helped my friends move their furniture into their new apartment and also drove to Metrotown to do some Christmas shopping.  I honestly felt so relieved that I had the Explorer with me, the spaciousness of the car allowed all my friends to fit in perfectly while also having enough room to bring along all our shopping and furniture in one trip. This saved me so much time and energy, I felt so relieved! After this action-packed day, I came home (with way more hours to spare than I anticipated), put on the cutest fur lined reading socks from Ford – and wrapped myself up into a novel for the rest of the night before dozing off.

Hygge is indeed the word I would use to describe my experience with the Ford Explorer, thank you Ford Canada for this amazing experience.


I want to finish up this article with my final thoughts of the vehicle in terms of its features. Though it was hard to pick my most favorite, here are my top four:

– The huge space available in the SUV – it can fit 7 people.
– The amazing climate control system – not only did the seats warm up perfectly but so did the steering wheel and mirrors.
– The rain sensing wipers – perfect for Vancouver.
– The overall aesthetic and feel of the SUV – it’s not only beautiful to look at, but this four-wheel-drive feels so powerful when you ride it.

This is most definitely on my wish list for my future vehicle. Have any of you got a chance to try the Ford Explorer yet? I would love to hear how you liked it.


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