The 5 subscription boxes you NEED in your life!

Hi lovelies,

Over the last couple of years, there have been a various number of subscription boxes that have popped up all over the internet. Honestly, I have always thought the concept of these were really great, however, I never had the chance to give any of them a try – until now!

Before I jump into my experiences with subscription boxes, here is some quick background information for those who are a little unfamiliar on what they are. These boxes are basically recurring deliveries of a certain product to your house. There are many kinds of boxes, from clothing ones to food ones – most of which allow for personal customizations, making your options limitless and tailored right to your preferences.

Over the last few months,  I managed to finally find some time (and extra dough) to give some of these boxes a go. Here are the top 5 I absolutely recommend:

1. Simply Beautiful Box $88

These boxes arrive right to your doorstep every 90 days and contain a range of gorgeous beauty finds, style pieces and home decor accessories. I have discovered some great products from my subscription, and honestly, it’s a great feeling to treat myself to things I don’t necessarily “need” but want every now and then. I have attached the contents of my December subscription box in the photo below, my absolute favorite product – if I had to pick, was the rose gold measuring cups. Not only are they super cute, but extremely useful to have around the kitchen as well!
*Available only in British Columbia for now.


2. Blume box $10+

Ladies, if you tend to tend to forget to stock up for your period cycle, this company has got you covered. This box sends you all the essentials you need during that time of the month (pads, tampons, blemish treatment, and other similar add-ons) – on a monthly basis. You can customize your boxes based on your preferences. All pads and tampons are also organic which is such a bonus!
*Ships to Canada and US only.


3. Frank and Oak $25+

First off, I will start off by talking about Frank and Oak – this company is one of my favorites, not only do they have super trendy outfits but their quality is impeccable too. This subscription box basically allows you to pick 3 outfits every month with a $25 “styling fee”. Once the outfits get delivered to your house and you get a chance to try them on, you can return the ones you don’t want or exchange them for better sizes – completely free of charge. The $25 you paid will contribute to any clothing pieces you want to keep. This is a really good way to keep up with the latest trends, without having to physically leave your house to do the shopping.
*Ships to Canada and US only.


4. Simple Loose Leaf $9

If you are an avid tea drinker like myself, this subscription box is for you. I run through my teas pretty quickly and I love to get replenished every month with some delicious new flavors to try. There is some flexibility available in the type of tea packages you get – yes, decaf too!
*Ships worldwide.


5. Winc $15+

Who doesn’t love wine? It’s always exciting to try new flavors – however, the wide selection can be incredibly overwhelming. This is where Winc comes in, after doing a quick questionnaire about your taste preferences, you will be directed to your ideal wine selections. Each package is extremely customizable and has flexible pricing options on how much you are willing to spend.