French Friday Flashback 

This Flash Back Friday I bring you Tarte Aux Pommes, or as I would more correctly pronounce, French Apple Tart- Served with Vanilla Custard IceCream.

What a beautiful pairing indeed!

My cousin made this for me this winter break in Bangkok. He did a course in baking, and all his investment in it- was more than worth it.

This #desert was born in a small town in the Loire Valley, France in the 1800s. A hotel chef accidentally forgot the crust of her Apple Pie and to make up, threw it on top of the pie in the oven instead. She turned it over after and served it warm… What a culinary genius!

Make sure to grab some of this mouth-watering sweetness this weekend, maybe give baking it a shot? The recipe looks somewhat straight forward…hmm.

See you soon-most likely a few pounds heavier,


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